Underwater photograpy

Awaken your true self. Feel more freely, be as you feel. Water symbolizes feelings and freedom.

When you are underwater, the normal constraints of physical movement, time and space disappear. Your tribulations disappear from your head and you reach a meditative state. The water is a special space that makes you neutral.

Being underwater unleashes your true self and charms. With no ego, your pure heart remains. You are totally free and you are there. Your long dormant charms are awakened by the water.

Message from the photographer

Being photographed underwater is great fun.
It makes you feel playful. As you open your heart underwater, we help you get in touch with your real self.
And we’d like to show and capture the beauty you possess.

What's great about underwater portraits?

  • Ultimate in creativity exceeding computer graphics.
  • A transparency that can be achieved only with water.
  • Create surreal, dreamy scenes.
  • Unreal and seductive beauty.
  • Unique physical movements and clothing shapes under water.
  • Water lifts up your skin to make you look younger and more beautiful.


VEGA offers the fine and dreamy moment in your lifestyle.

MBE No.188, Ekinia Yokohama Bldg. B1F,
1-1-8 Kitasaiwai, Nishiku, Yokohama 220-0004 JAPAN


1. Online Concept Shop
VEGA has an online store. This online boutique offers choice goods from all over the world for enjoying an elegant lifestyle. Priority is placed on the selection of imported dresses and accessories.

2. Underwater portrait shooting
“AQUAROSA” is Japan’s first underwater portrait shooting service. VEGA applied to register AQUAROSA as its own trademark.

You can see a sparkling star called Vega in the summer night sky.

And Vega is popularly known through the Japanese romantic seasonal event called Tanabata and the “Great Triangl”of stars in the summer.

VEGA hopes to be a shining presence, just as people notice the star called Vega.